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Wishlists are a collection of items a user saved for later and did not buy. Wishlists make it easier for the user to go back and access the desired products without having to search everything. Wishlists are are a list of products that the shopper liked but did not want to buy immediately that way wishlists tell you what products are liked by users. Tailwind wishlists are used for many things including keeping track of your customers and knowing their interests. You can also manage the out-of-stock items. TUK’s Tailwind wishlists components also provide built-in support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.These Tailwind wishlists components can be used in your e-commerce websites to create an alluring wishlists section. The “add to card”, “preview” and “delete” options will make it easier for the customer to take desired actions. You have the option of either displaying 3 items at a time or four with two different designs.

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