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01 December 2021

UI Kits: Worth the hype?

The Discussion around UI Kits

Ease is one thing that is increasing day by day and almost every second. From people riding horses to Tesla Autopilot, as far as ease is concerned, humans, in general, have come a long way.  We have also seen people praising or criticizing the increasing trend of introducing ease in everything. Some say ease in everything makes people lazy and dull, which is true to a certain extent. While others say it saves time in a world where everything is moving so fast. You could be from any of this school of thought but one must agree that “Ease” Sells!

Web Development is time-consuming

Earlier, in the web development game, you had to build everything from scratch writing code for everything. Now with UI kits in the picture, things have surely become easier and faster. UI kits have pre-made components that a developer can use while saving a lot of effort and time. 

One thing that development and coding are famous for is that they takes an immense amount of time. You will hardly meet a developer with a normal sleep cycle because of their nasty routine due to coding all day and night. Suppose you have a client and knowing the nature of clients, they do want things done quickly. Instead of building everything from scratch you can simply get the desired kits and use the components according to your vision, saving a lot of time. 

One can say that they are very helpful in professional life because you need to satisfy the clients while managing your time. However, if you are alone at your home and have all the time in the world you can build things right from scratch and use your creativity. No hard feelings

Continuing the above-mentioned point we all know that time is money and if you are in the money business then you should definitely use UI kits because you don’t want to do one project in the amount of time where you could’ve done three. As a professional, these kits can help you build a reputation as someone who is quick and help you stand out from the crowd. On top of everything, you can get stuff done in less time and earn more. That does sound like a win-win.


Another big plus of using UI kits is Prototyping. Prototyping is a test or some may say a sample of what your end design will look like and how it will work. An easier way of doing this is by using some help from a pre-made template instead of writing a long code and building a prototype yourself when you can easily drag and drop any desired component and make a prototype. It will prevent you from making changes to the final product.

Web Accessibility

Accessibility is probably one of the most important things in web development these days. Developers put a lot of effort through different techniques to ensure accessibility. From using color and contrast to adapting designs and using different accessibility tools, there are many ways to make sure that your design is accessible. But why do that when you can simply use pre-made accessible components and add them to your designs. This is a major advantage of using a UI kit. Although not all UI kits have baked-in accessibility, it's a major plus to invest in a resource that has this crucial advantage that saves you a lot of effort and dev hours. Here at TailwindUI Kit, we’ve put a great deal of effort and time into ensuring that you don’t have to worry about this crucial part of web development. All of the components are built using the latest WCAG guidelines that enable you to enjoy the highest standards of web accessibility from the get-go.


A very good point that the people on the other side put forward is that UI Kits are too opinionated sometimes and that results in your design being mundane. To be fair, the argument doesn’t account for the fact that UI Kits serve as a guiding light in situations where you don’t have the time to start things from scratch. Moreover, you can always play around and come up with your own design items using different elements from most UI kits. At the end of the day, UI kits enable you to set the foundation in no time, allowing you to tweak things around, and build things according to your styling preferences and requirements.

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