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Lists are a simple way of displaying data and elements in a table format. Tailwind List category has a collection of 19 different components for static and dynamic elements. Tailwind List components can be used in web applications and dashboards for the purpose of arranging elements in a table format. Some of the prominent functionalities of the lists are interactable task lists, checklists, bookmarks, and status updates. There are filters, user avatars, item drag, and CTAs so you can take complete control and provide a completely functional experience. Tailwind List category can be used in Tailwind CSS projects without any hassle. The list components also have visually pleasing dividers in the form of spacing, lines, or even other graphical elements. All of the components by TUK are compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). There is support for React, Angular, and Vue in all of the list components below. All of the components in this category are fully responsive, functional, and rigorously tested for cross-browser compatibility.

list 1

expanded list with colored reminder

undefined expanded_list_with_colored_reminder component preview

4 column minimal list with alternate rows

undefined 4_column_minimal_list_with_alternate_rows component preview

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