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MODA - The Most Detailed and Interactive TailwindCSS Admin Dashboard Template on the internet, with almost 100 Screens. Early Access Pricing Avaiable.

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Tabs are a great way to organize content across different screens, data sets, and other interactions. Tailwind tab category has multiple variations of expertly designed functional and uniquely styled tabs for your web applications and dashboards. The category contains tabs with counters, tabs with icons, tab with blocks, and so on. It gives you the option of not going through different pages as you can swiftly move through the tabs on a single page. Tailwind tab category contains components that are built with the best contemporary design practices around. The complete category of Tailwind tab is built on Tailwind CSS. It also has React, Angular, Vue.js integrations. The components in this category (just like all the other categories) are carefully built following the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These components are tested for cross-browser functionality so you get to provide a consistent experience across multiple devices, screens, and browsers as well. Moreover, these tabs are highly customizable, so feel free to tweak things around according to your design requirements.

tab with icons

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