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A Tailwind CSS navbar component is a navigation bar situated at the top of a webpage, providing users with a simple and effective way of presenting complex content in an app or website without having to scroll through the content. Navbar Tailwind components act as a roadmap that contains links that take users to different pages or parts of the website/app, and allows users to explore and access the various sites and content that a website contains. Navbar can be placed above, or below a header or a logo, but is always placed before the main content of the page, staying consistent throughout. TUK has various tailwind navbar components which a user can choose from according to the theme of their website, and has built-in support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.

light with button

undefined light_centre_aligned_with_search icon_and_avatar component preview

black left aligned with search bar and icon

undefined black_left_aligned_with_search_bar_and_icon component preview
undefined dark_centre_aligned_with_search icon_and_avatar component preview

left aligned with search bar and icon

undefined left_aligned_with_search_bar_and_icon component preview

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