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boxed layout


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A boxed layout is like having a boundary on all four sides of a web page and content in the center. Normally boxed layouts have space around that increases the readability of the content. Tailwind boxed layout is used to add fixed space around the main body of a web page. Normally the space around the edges is used to add a relevant background. Some websites use it just to make the web page look aesthetically pleasing while some brands add colors or pictures that relate to their brand. Tailwind boxed layout components with its 17 appealing design variations makes it unique. TUK’s boxed layout components provide built-in support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue. With light and dark layouts and backgrounds of different colors, you can add a different vibe to your webpage. Use the components with background image in the header and page title in your projects to lift your page’s aesthetics.

light with Grey background

light with white page title grey bg

undefined light_with_white_page_title_grey_bg component preview

dark with bg image in page title

undefined dark_with_bg_image_in_page_title component preview

dark with border above page title

undefined dark_with_border_above_page_title component preview

light with dark page title and white box

undefined light_with_dark_page_title_and_white_box component preview

dark with white page title and grey bg

undefined dark_with_white_page_title_and_grey_bg component preview

light with bg image in page title

undefined light_with_bg_image_in_page_title component preview

light with dark page title grey bg and breadcrumbs

undefined light_with_dark_page_title_grey_bg_and_breadcrumbs component preview

dark with boxed tabs and white box

undefined dark_with_boxed_tabs_and_white_box component preview

light with dark page title grey bg

undefined light_with_dark_page_title_grey_bg component preview

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