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grid card


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Grid cards are small card-sized boxes containing important information. Grid cards give an elegant and minimal look to your web page. Tailwind grid card components can be used in flat design, pin-style design, and print. They also help with separating images, text, and headings so that details are presented neatly. They are highly responsive and work perfectly if you happen to change anything as they work well on all screen sizes without putting in too much effort. Tailwind grid card components provide built-in support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue. You can use them to create dashboards and web app pages. The cards have certain UX that can be modified to fit the needs of various use cases. From displaying an individual profile to neatly showing your activity status these grid cards have many different ways of using them. Wide section cards can help you fit overwhelming information in a small card and you can show the user great customer reviews using these grid cards as well.

single card with title and description

simple with heading and 2 buttons

undefined simple_with_heading_and_2_buttons component preview

single card with stacked avatars

undefined single_card_with_stacked_avatars component preview

full width card with right aligned icons

undefined full_width_card_with_right_aligned_icons component preview

task card with right aligned button

undefined task_card_with_right_aligned_button component preview

compact stat cards alternate style

undefined compact_stat_cards_alternate_style component preview

medium stat cards alternate style

undefined medium_stat_cards_alternate_style component preview

full width 3 section project card

undefined full_width_3_section_project_card component preview

8 col listing card with stats and filters

undefined 8_col_listing_card_with_stats_and_filters component preview

8 col listing with search and filter

undefined 8_col_listing_with_search_and_filter component preview

8 col listing card with action button

undefined 8_col_listing_card_with_action_button component preview

4 col listing card with action icons

undefined 4_col_listing_card_with_action_icons component preview

3 col list card with action buttons

undefined 3_col_list_card_with_action_buttons component preview

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