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A Tailwind CSS card component is a container that stores a few short, related bits of information, and physically resembles a playing card in shape and size, allowing for flexible layouts. A tailwind card grid may contain texts, images, links, and buttons amongst other things to conveniently display excessive information in a neat box on a web page with a linked entry point to further details of that content, helping designers retain page aesthetics with good usability. When it comes to visual design, a tailwind card component contains actions and content about a single subject, used to direct a user to detailed content should they desire to. A good card grid would be meaningful, efficient, clear, transformative, independent, and responsive. A tailwind card example can be found with 7 other options on TUK, expertly designed and with built-in support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue, all ready to be dropped into your code.

full width with right grey

full width divided into three

full width divided by right and bottom grey

undefined full_width_divided_by_right_and_bottom_grey component preview

6 col divided in half left and right

undefined 6_col_divided_in_half_left_and_right component preview

6 col with grey top and grey bottom

undefined 6_col_with_grey_top_and_grey_bottom component preview

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