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A Tailwind CSS alert component is a dialogue box, also commonly known as a toast message, displaying a short, important message in a manner that attracts a user’s attention. Alerts are used when there’s a need for a static persistent container that is closable by users, or when an alert message is to be shown to users. Alert tailwind components are lightweight and translucent, take minimal space, and are used to show a success text, info text, warning text, or error text. Most alert components carry a small icon to complement the message they’re carrying, grabbing a user’s attention, and normally state what will happen once a user interacts with them. A skillfully designed tailwind alert example can be accessed with 15 other free tailwind components on TUK, with all of them equipped with pre-built support for different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.

simple with action button warning

simple with action button success

undefined simple_with_action_button_success component preview

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