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Popovers are temporary views that show on a content screen when a user clicks within a defined area when additional action is needed. A popover is used instead of a toolkit when you want to show additional text or to create a link to another page. It pops up when the user clicks on a word or icon. The popover remains visible until the user clicks outside the popover. This component comes in handy in situations where crucial text or information is needed to be displayed without the space for the text in the design. With theTailwind Popover category, you can give introductions about different components, have scrolling avatars/lists, place lists & actions, and place text & buttons. Tailwind popovers by Tailwind UI kit are completely responsive All of the Tailwind Popover components are designed with Tailwind CSS and they have support for React, Angular, and Vue.js. like all of TUK’s components, these components are rigorously tested for cross-browser compatibility. All of TUK’s components are built following Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).

simple popover

popover with scrolling avatar and list

undefined popover_with_scrolling_avatar_and_list component preview

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