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Buttons communicate actions that a user can take. They provide relevant actions in context to where the user is. These buttons can also be integrated into grouped buttons , offering a variety of relevant actions grouped together in the interface that the user can interact with. Moreover, you have the option to place graphical elements with text inside the buttons to make your experience more intuitive. Tailwind button category has different variations and sizes of buttons that can be used for multiple functionalities Web Applications, dashboards, and web pages. Tailwind button category has variations with different sizes, styling, and colors. Our team of expert designers and developers thoroughly test these components for cross-browser compatibility so you can provide consistent experiences across various screen sizes, devices, and browsers. These components are completely modular, functional, and fully responsive so you can in your project without any extra worries. Tailwind button category is built using the latest update of Tailwind CSS. These components also have support for React, Angular, and Vue.js integrations.

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