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Badges are used when an element needs to be highlighed, or in some cases, differentiated. They are used to direct user’s attention and make them emphasize on certain information. Tailwind Badges are styled in a way that provides a visual cue based on their purpose. Tailwind badge category contains multiple variations of badges with different sizes, shapes (rectangular, rounded), styling, and interactive elements (cancel, highlight, etc). You can use the components from the Tailwind badge category as the primary components (parent components) or integrate them into other components. The variations also include badges that are filled, have a cancel element, and bullet text. Tailwind Badge components are built with Tailwind CSS. They also come with React, Angular, and Vue.js integrations. These components are fully responsive, modular, and functional. These components are also easily customizable so you can experiment according to your project requirements and come up with distinctive components using our Tailwind Components as base components. All of the components in the Tailwind badge category are built following latest WCAG.

large rectangle bullet

small large rectangle with cancel

undefined small_large_rectangle_with_cancel component preview

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