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Tailwind CSS hero component is the region that quickly appears on the screen under the logo and menu. This part of the page should preferably incorporate data around four things: What a user have to bring to the table, why individuals should trust you—the advantages of working with you, and what to do next. Hero Tailwind components usually has a high-resolution background image to capture the user’s attention, a big highlighted text, and a button or two. The Tailwind CSS hero section has various design variations for diverse use cases. Moreover, the components of the hero section are beautifully designed and are ready to be integrated directly into the project. The component is highly interactive, tailored, and has built-in support for React, Angular, and Vue. Like all other components, the hero section component is also built using the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Tailwind UI Kit’s components are also tested for cross-browser functionality.

centre aligned with image

centre aligned simple

large typography with gradient and glass effect

undefined large_typography_with_gradient_and_glass_effect component preview

left aligned with image and input field

undefined left_aligned_with_image_and_input_field component preview

left aligned with image and floating card

undefined left_aligned_with_image_and_floating_card component preview

left aligned with multiple ctas with image and menu

undefined left_aligned_with_multiple_ctas_with_image_and_menu component preview

left aligned with cta and placeholder

undefined left_aligned_with_cta_and_placeholder component preview

left aligned with image and address cta

undefined left_aligned_with_image_and_address_cta component preview

large image with center aligned heading

undefined large_image_with_center_aligned_heading component preview

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