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Tailwind CSS Contact component contains the contact details including phone numbers, emails, and addresses. The contact section can also be a form or a map showing directions to your location. Contact Tailwind component is used to help people get in touch with you. New users often have a lot of questions and the contact section works as a gateway for them to reach an individual in the organization to answer their queries. Having a contact section also adds authenticity to the website. Tailwind UI Kit has 14 different contact component examples that the user can use in their projects in countless different ways. Users can either allow the customers to type their messages and send them to get a reply or they can add the details individually at the user’s disposal. TUK’s Tailwind CSS contact components include built-in support for various different frameworks including React, Angular, and Vue.

contact 1

divided with address and contect sections

undefined divided_with_address_and_contect_sections component preview

center aligned square with spices

undefined center_aligned_square_with_spices component preview

3 inputs field with blue background

undefined 3_inputs_field_with_blue_background component preview

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